Junior High & High school

fridays 6:30pm

Youth Auditorium 

Students in grades 6-12 have a place all to themselves at Collide City Youth. It’s a place devoted to teenagers encountering God, making friends, growing together and making a difference.

6th-8th Grade

Junior high students will have a blast in the 6.8 ministry designed just for them. 6.8 (6TH-8TH) shows students what it means to have a passionate, intentional faith in Jesus Christ. At 6.8, students get to experience worship and go to their classes where they get to experience; hilarious games, messages, and small groups they can relate to. 6th-8th graders will not want to miss out on all the amazing things planned for them at Collide City Youth!

9th-12th Grade

The BETHEL YOUTH 9.12 ministry is tailored specifically for 9th-12th graders. The 9.12 ministry is committed to equipping students with everything they need to be a significant influence for Jesus. While in 9.12, senior high students will experience worship,  relevant teachings, small groups and make lasting friendships with other students. At Collide City Youth, high school students have an incredible place for them to encounter God and make a difference in the world.



A Typical Friday night

6:00pm- Doors Open

6:30pm- Collide City Youth Worship in the Youth Chapel

7:00pm- Youth Activities

(Games, Message and Small Groups)

8:00pm- Mingle and Snacks

8:30pm- Dismissal with parents                                                                                                                                                                             

A Typical Sunday Morning

9:15am- hang-0ut

9:30am- Small Group/Bible study    and Discipleship

10:20am- Dismissal for Sunday Worship

10:30 Sunday Worship Service